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Guys, please know that the post labeled "Active Airport Software" was posted by me. I didn't realized I was no longer logged in.

Unless I'm crazy, I swear I heard somebody mention this "active" airport stuff (boarding ramps, trucks, luggage carts, food service, etc) once upon a time.

Anybody know what it's called, where I might find it and how much it will set me back?

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SimFlyers does have a full service armada and "moving" gates. However, you have to be parked fairly accurately, tune your radios depending on your plane (which sometimes doesn't work) and have your viewing distance set to a very specific (and rather close) setting. You also end up paying the price of FPS, since SimFlyers hasn't discovered the magic of making beautiful scenery at very little cost to your resources!

By the way, if you do plan on ordering more than 2 or 3 simflyers airports, just buy the cd "World Airports 2." It comes with about 8 or 9 commonly used airports at a MUCH smaller price than buying them individually.

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