Logitek/Saitek switch panel USB calbe to PC board wires

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 Hellow: my name is Lars
I am building a Pilatus PC 12/47 cockpit with the Logitek/Saitek instruments, they are out of warranty so I separated the back cover to cut the landing gear and LED's from the switches, unfotunatlly the USB cable to PC board connections came loose, does anyone have the color sequence starting from the gear lever toward the switches there are 5 wires black, red, white, green and the last onne seems to have srink wraping, I have contacted Logitek and the help center does not have that information, I hope some of you have this imformation, otherwise I will have to purchase a new switch panel and start over.
Any information will be apreciated, thank you from Lars

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Maybe someone can point you too a person or forum that can help.



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