Buy 1 Get 1 Free: World Airports 2 and World Airports

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Hurry! While stocks last. Order a copy of World Airports 2 at just £19.99 / €29.95 / $29.99 and get a copy of the original World Airports absolutely Free!

The World Airports series from SimFlyers has set the benchmark for airport expansions and World Airports 2 is still the best value international airport expansion you can buy. However, the original World Airports was also a brilliant piece of software and it can be upgraded to FS2004 compatibility using the free patch available from our support forum.

Take advantage of this offer while stocks last and get a huge range of brilliant airports!

WORLD AIRPORTS 2 INCLUDES 11 FAMOUS AIRPORTS - Chicago O'Hare - Dallas Fort Worth - Frankfurt – Houston Intercontinental - Las Vegas - London Luton – Manchester - New York JFK - Rome - Toronto - Washington Dulles
WORLD AIRPORTS INCLUDES ANOTHER NINE – SIX ARE UNIQUE TO THE PROGRAM - Atlanta - Bari - Dallas Fort Worth - Los Angeles - Manchester - Newark - Orlando - Rome - Philadelphia

• Airports teem with movement from a fleet of dynamic vehicles including, cars, buses and service trucks
• Carefully modelled static aircraft set off the accurately textured buildings and at night everything is illuminated by authentic lighting
• Active jetways at each gate that dock exactly against your aircraft's forward door
• Realistic buildings and objects with full texturing

On the ground you’re in the capable hands of SimFlyers’ trademark jetDock and serviceArmada systems that will get you turned around and ready for your next flight and you can watch the action from the unique ‘Follow-Me’ car!

Visit for screenshots and full details

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