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Hi People:

Yahoo I am Feeling good today! got my pc upgraded today to Nvidia Geforce 4000 128 MB DDR Ram and the system to 1 GB RAM. Got every FS display setting to MAX even the Frame Rate was wondering whether we should put it on Max or not? What exactly is it used for. Will be glad if somebody can guide me thru this???


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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Set your FPS to 25. There is no point in setting it to any higher because you won't notice the difference 😉 Hope you like your new system!

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RadarMan Chief Captain

I think a little different than Jon, but he is at the minimum, I go over a little.

Sounds great, It's much more enjoyable when you can see all the scenery. It makes it more realistic.

Keep your FPS at tops 30, if you set it for more your using resources that can better be used elsewhere.

If you hit "Shift+Z" two or three times you'll see your FPS and other information displayed in red type at the top of your screen.

The lower the FPS the more the aircraft stutters, it may still do it in a graphic intensive area like an airport or over a big city.


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CrashGordon Chief Captain

The human eye/brain really can't detect frame rates higher than 25, but setting it to 30 probably won't hurt much.

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Bhupesh Trainee

Thanks! Guys for the replies, as now everything seems to be clear with me regarding frame set but just wanted to know what exactly is fps is used for? Is it to enhance the quality of the plane/scenery?

Thanks once again...

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kianok First Officer

Frames Per second refers to how many times your computer re draws the image every second. As the image is constantly changing, low frames per second produce a stuttering effect, whilst high FPS (20+) produce a natural, smooth scrolling effect.

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