fs2004 versus fs2002 radio/nav stack

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I have fs2002 and was thinking about purchasing fs2004;however I need to know if the radio/nav stack looks the same (presentation) as the fs2004 version. I also have x-plane, and their radio/nav stack is awesome in precision and detail, unlike the fs2002. Please advise!


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It all depends on what plane you are flying. The default stacks on the supplied planes are the least the ones I fly. Various different radio stacks come with planes you may download here and other sites. So, it depends on the plane. I would not let that stand in the way of getting FS9. 😀

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Jim Glockner (jimmyglockner) Trainee

I fully agree. Get FS9 without worrying about the radio stacks. It is well worth the money.

Happy flying.


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