Saitek woes... driver issues with Multi Panel and Radio

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I brought the saitek radio unit in December of last year. It was working perfectly the whole time. I purchased the multi panel yesterday. I downloaded the latest drivers as instructed. I ran the system. Then I noticed that the transponder section of my radio stack is blank. I uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled. The multi panel works perfectly... but now the radio stack is completely blank! The radio test causes the panel to light up but the dials do not respond. I was told I could probably solve the problem by installing an older version of the current saitek drivers for the radio stack. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can remedy this situation?

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I don't know where you are, submit a ticket or call.
If you are in the US call Mad Catz.


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Regarding the radio problem you mentioned.....I was told that it needs a plug-in, in order to work
or the FSUIPC needs to be installed.

I have FSX Steam Edition running on a Win 8 platform. I have two radio stacks (Saitek) and the
Switch Panel. I also have the Auto-Pilot panel with trim wheel. Everything works very well.

At our flight school, we have the same set up but using Win 8.1. We think it is a Win 8.1 problem.
On that system, on the Switch Panel, the landing gear lights (green) stay on, regardless whether the
gear is up or down. We don't know why. Reinstalling the drivers doesn't correct the problem.

There is a single radio and it works fine.

The Flight School also has an Auto-Pilot with trim wheel. The trim wheel does not work (it doesn't
reflect trim on the FSX screen, nor does the (simulated) airplane respond to the trim function.
On the same Auto-Pilot panel, you can set the Alt, Speed, etc, but the AP does not take control of
the airplane (on the simulator) as it does on mine at home. Again, we don't know why. Reinstalling
the drives does not correct the problem.

We heard the Logitech had taken over Saitek. Hopefully, they will do away with drivers entirely
go with with plug n play instead (we hope!). Too much money invested in this equipment for it not
to work.....

Any thoughts anyone?


Not really a reply but a request for a bit of information. I'm trying to install the saitek radio panel on fsx steam (ios is windows 10). I don't have an installation disc and csn't find any drivers online. Do i only need to install the fsx plug in? I don't have spad or fsuipc (?), just the fsx steam. Any help massively appreciated - really easy steps please as i'm pretty new to all this. Some learning curve!!


Just to say I found the driver. Problem solved. Now working through the minefield of where to buy/find activation key for fsuipc. Hey ho.

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Google search FSUIPC and it is available for download.

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