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I used to play an old Apple II flight simulator (SubLogic Flight Simulator) which came with a manual with some maps on it.

These maps were very useful. They had the major airports, VOR stations, NDBs, etc. There was one for the northeastern US, one for the Chicago area, etc. There were only 4 or 5 of them, but they were a lot of fun. I used to track radials, and find my position on the map by tuning to 2 VORs. The VOR stations on the maps had circles with all the directions indicated in degrees. It was easy and fun to trace lines on the map with a ruler and find my current position. Now I miss playing this way.

I've seen charts for sale online, but they seem to show only a specific airport and its information. It's not a map. Where can I get a map that shows a region of the world (for example Northeast or Southwest US) with its major airports, VOR, NDB stations, ILS frequencies, etc?


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FS comes with a few VFR Sectional Charts, but you have to go into the FS directory to get them.

Go into My Computer, then click on Local Disk (C🙂, (or what ever drive you have FS on), then click on Program Files, then Microsoft Games, then Flight Simulator 9, then Charts, then Flights, then you will see 3 sub folders, there are maps in each one.

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\Charts\Flights

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Check the Sectional and World Aeronautical Charts(WAC) charts. No chart will show ILS frequencies except for Instrument Approach Charts(IAP) for each airport with a ILS. You need IAP charts to properly execute an ILS. These Sectional and WAC charts are real visual charts.

Simulated IAP charts and IFR charts:

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I get most of my charts from , the charts are the top left link.

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Thank you, now I know what I need: a VFR sectional chart! 🙂

I'll check the ones in the Flight Simulator program folder when I get home.


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