Logbook error when exiting FS2004

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Lately I have been encountering an error upon closing FS2004 that says the logbook file is invalid and must be re-created. It lists a file name that is just lines and characters and such. Is there a way to recreate the Standard Pilot Logbook?

Is anyone else having this problem?

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I don't know if this will help, if not please post again.


2nd down.


To recreate something that has "gone wrong" in the Sim you have to delete it and reload the Sim over itself, it'll only add what's missing and will not duplicate anything else.

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I was afraid that I would have to re-install the sim to fix it, but I was hoping someone else had an easier solution.

If I re-install, will I lose the add on aircraft, scenery, etc that I have downloaded or do I need to back up those folders and re-copy them after the re-install?

Thanks for the help.

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Did you try to load the Sim over itself thereby not loosing anything.
If not, yes you can move the folders that you want to keep to another location "my briefcase" for example or just burn them if they're not to large.
I've already burned my gauge and effects folders, my aircraft is too large even for a DVD.

One of the big problems with reinstalling is that (at times) something that you don't want is always left in a "hidden" folder.

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I have not tried reloading the sim yet. I guess I will have to save the folders first and then reload to see what it loses. At least it will be easier than starting from scratch and installing everything one at a time.

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I tried reloading the sim and it did not lose anything. It also did not fix the problem. I then backed up all my aircraft, add on scenery, etc directories and uninstalled the sim using the disk. This left behind a group of files and directories under the fs9 directory. I deleted the whole directory and all of the files and re-installed.

When I tried to re-set my settings in FS9, they were already there just like before I un-installed. This told me there was something else left somewhere. When I tried the sim again, the same problem occured.

I then remembered that there was another place where the program puts files.

c:\documents and settings\[user name]\application data\microsoft\fs9

In that folder is a file named fs9.cfg along with others. When I opened the file in notepad, I found a parameter "log_file=A++++++++++++++++". I then deleted just the file name and left the "log_file=" then restarted the program.

After a short flight, I closed the program and the logbook worked normally. I then opened the cfg file again and the entry read "log_file=logbook" as it should. The old logbook file itself was intact and none of the prior information was lost.

If this problem occurs, the first thing to try is to open the cfg file and change this setting and re-try. It takes about 2 minutes to do and you don't need to re-install anything.

I did report this problem to Microsoft and they told me that they were able to reproduce the problem. Maybe they will find a fix soon.

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👏 Fantastic ❗ You did a great job and I'm happy that it's working again.
I also want to thank you for telling us how to solve the problem should it come up for someone else.


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Thanks BayouTalker! I've suddenly started having that same problem, same message. I tried editing the logbooks manually only to realize after reading your message that I was working on the old fs2000 logbooks in a different folder of my documents.

Found it, fixed it. Thanks again!

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YEAH!!! Big fat kudo to you!!!! Group Wave GROUP HUG!,, I mean, wave!!


I am glad it helped you out. I know I spent enough time finding the problem for all of us.

By the way, it has never happened to me again!

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Sorry, that last post was me. I didn't realize that it did not log me in.


deleting file name in cfg works greats tks

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