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I love to fly and it amazed me that pilot training could actuly cost £4000-£6000. I then decided to go for the Nppl. Its alot cheaper and i can go for the ppl later on in piloting. Some training cost do come down to £85 an hour. Which is alot better than £110. Ive already bought the pooleys navigation book and my other navigational equipment.[/code]

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Good to hear that you are making headway in your flying career. Yes instruction fees/flying packages fluctuate in price greatly from place to place. I am completing my PPL at the moment but good old scottish weather has different ideas at the moment.

Might I make one suggestion, as soon as you get the books put all your efforts into reading them. It is best to try and get the exams nailed more so that when you come to lessons further down the line you have more general knowledge. Not only that but it will speed up your progress towards first solo, solo sector etc that is if you have the flying skills to go.

Anyway for now, good luck and here is a nice little link for some of the ground studies.


Moser Guest

I do plan to read every flight book before i take on the exams. So that i would be well preperd and my chances of passing are much higher. I do have great confedence and even though the prices may be a little high i will still go for it and do my very best. Giving up is not an option.

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👏 Good luck, study hard. You'll do great.

Moser Guest

The one thing that enoys me the most is that people i know seem to doubt me that i would ever fly. Surely you guys must of had a simler problem. I would like to prove them wrong and do well in piloting. Do you guys have an arnswer to this problem?

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You can't worry what other people think. Your Hobby is flying, they may like fishing, do what makes you happy and allow others the same freedom. If they are always negative, don't include them in your flight or visits to airports or museums. When they ask if you want to go to a game, just say "No, I'm flying to ________ with another friend, you're not interested in flying." If they make fun or ridicule you, they're not your friend. A good friend would support you even if they hated flying and never intended to fly with you. You can gently tell people about the thrills and advantages of flying but you shouldn't have to sell or convince them on aviation. The only person that you have anything to prove to is yourself. 🙂

Moser Guest

Your right. The only thing that was in my mind every time they sayed somthing doubtful about it i had just thought about what flight book to by or when i am going to go back up there. I think thats the best solution.

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