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At first i did not have enough cash to start training BUT! now i ca n afford it. I am going for my ppl as soon as possible! i will be training at the clacton aroclub. ill be paying £99 hr. Which is alot cheaper than stapleford since there price is £135 hr. I CANT WAIT!!!! are there any ppl pilots here?

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I've gone for the introductry on both aircraft with engines and gliders. I'd say gliders give more of a thrill for the takeoff.

It's interesting to see those prices because man they are way higher than what we get here down in South Africa. It will cost me 185 rand for one hour on a cessna 172 and about 210 rand for a cessna 182. Now if you look at the exchange rates it costs about £16.3 for the cessna 172 and about £18.87 for the cessna 182 [per hour].

Well, I do say, good luck and have loads of fun.

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Germán Campopiano (Oberkomando) Captain

Congratulations. 😉 I am coming... "ppl" as well, but until September i guess.

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