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I'm starting my flight training very soon. Also, I have just started familiarizing my self with FS.

I'm wondering if FS is of great advantage to the the actually training.

I understand it can help with the instrument training, but does it benefit a student in his private or commercial course and how.

Thanks a lot for your openion

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i sure hope it does

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As you stated, FS is of greatest value during instrument rating training but it's also useful for some basic VFR tasks. Learning the basics of the VOR, ADF and to a point, GPS systems. Airport signage,airport lights, basic function of flight controls and flight instruments. Basic pitch power relationships and other items. The input of your Instructor will help you avoid learning/practicing tasks incorrectly so that you don't learn bad habits. Flight Simulator can be a good tool to help illustrate the function and effects of aircraft flight controls and instruments. 🙂

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It is really good to know it is helpful. Thank you CRJ Captain and Taylor.

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Welcome Katana! 😀 😀 😀

calvin_nz Guest

Just be carefull, because all your PPL & CPL training will be done VFR, which is "Eyes Outside" and FS will get you in the habit of looking at the instruments more than any instructor will let you.

M15 Guest

And when you use yoke + rudder pedals...Do these make the actual flight experience more realistic or is it still way too different from the real deal and make FS only useful for learning instruments and basic flight rules?

CaptainKW Guest

Im pretty sure it does!

My friend played Flightsim from wen he was about 10 and whilst he did his flight training. Subsequently on his 16th birthday he became the youngest ever person in the UK to pass his Pilot exam.

It was actually on 11 sept 2001 aswell.

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