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Hey, I just bought the above title but am having real trouble with it and their technical support is very poor to say the least!!

I try to select the concorde to fly it and all I get the whole way is fs9 error can't load aircraft or one of its component. You can continue but the file will not be loaded
file gagues\conc2kafcs.gau.
and also file gauge\conc2kselcal.gau.

Does anyone have any idea why its doing this?? Has anyone else had the same problem??

Thanks RC

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tomthetank Chief Captain

😳 You say you bought it? If so I would keep on pestering them untill you get some answers

Concord has always been an odd ball for fs(except 2000)because of the panel and extra gauges

Inbetween e-mails to them you could try and find the gauge here ➡

Or try this concord panel

Perhaps you should name and shame them

Good luck


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jeremy51 Trainee

I have also brought the concord from Altitude and have loaded it up into FS9 and it works very well with no start up problems .I would say to try a fresh install of FS9. I have been trying to do the tutorial that comes with and am strugling to understand it so am look for a better tutorial -know of any

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