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Hi all,

I have question about the 737 pilot in command from Wilco/feelthere..
They say there is 'Ground power unit'.
My engines are off,parking brake on and final i must clik on Ground Power avaible light for request GPU, were can i find that light plz?

(and what is Ground power unit exactly?)


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The ground power avialable switch is located just above the APU Gens you have to click once on the Ground Power Available light and wait about 1 minute for it to light up then you click the ground power switch

me again Guest


again me Guest


I find the swith,pushed it and yes the light appeared I pressed on it....nothing what? 😛 (But what does the GPU do?)


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Light on means ground power is available. All you need to do now is to flip the switch, right beneath the light and voila! Ground power 🙂


k lol thx 😀

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hmmm....Im not 100% sure but I think all the GPU does is provide power when on the ground. Follows these steps and see what happens Click the Ground Power Available light
Turn on the Battery switch
Turn the DC Voltmeter Selector to BAT
Set the AC Voltmeter Selecot to GRD PWR (ground power)
when the Ground Power Available light goes on Put the Ground Power switch to on
After that I usualy just start the APU pretty much right after GRD PWR

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