will my machine run FS2002?

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Hello All. I've a read a few of the very informative posts 🙂 here on graphics cards, but there are a couple of things I'm still not clear on.

My current system is a 550MHz PIII with 128 MB RAM and what is termed in the spec "AGP 64 Graphics", which I guess is some kind of on-board graphics. My PC is nearly 4 years old and was bought from TINY (in the UK).

I've currently got FS2000 and my system handles that OK. Not great but certainly playable.

I'd like to get FS2002. The main issue I have is with the graphics card...the Amazon site says that for FS2002 you need a graphics card that is "3D" and is "DirectX 8.0a compatible". I'm not sure if my graphics will meet these criteria.

(Strangely, the Microsoft website does not mention these issues in the FS2002 spec on their website - these specs are only mentioned in the specs on Amazon ! 😕 😕 )

Anyway, my question is - will I be able to run FS 2002 without upgrading my system? ❓ Does FS2002 make a lot more demands on your PC than 2000 does? ❓

Thanks for your help

TJ 🙂

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128mb of ram is very low and your right, the graphics card is in question. If you do decide to try it you should have more memory (512MB) and a clean (RE) Install of your OS would be of help.
You say that it just running 2000, 2002 takes more computer.
Try it and then buy a new machine, it's a good excuse.
Whatever you do enjoy flying!

Make certain you stop back to see if anyone else can solve your problem with that card.


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Crying or Very sad You are low on system specs

Have a read of this before you buy ➡


I hope it helps



thank you both - that is helpful

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