How to tow gliders?

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I've had fs2004 over a year now and I guess it's time I finally asked someone. Is there a way to tow gliders up into the air from the runway? (I want to be flying the glider, not the tow plane). I don't see any key assignment mentioned for it. I can fly the gliders, both default and add-on by clicking slew mode, (Y) and then simply lifting it to altitude using F4 but that's not very realistic. It would be so much nicer if I could be towed up then release. If it's possible, I don't know about it. Can someone please clue me in. Thank you.

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No it's not possible to use a tow plane as the sim now stands.
I believe that there is a pay add-on that would help but I'd have to look for it.
Right now someone else might remember it.


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There's no way to tow the aircraft. You need to slew. Press Y then F4 then when you consider that altitude correct press Y again and your done.

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hinch wrote:


Nice find hinch 👍

Who's gonna translate it into English for us?

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a) open up the air file, change the engine type to 1 and number of engines to 1

- a1) *i can't see any relevance in it*

..ok i just realised most people can't open an air file. i'malso bored of attempting to translate - just follow the pics hehe.

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