No touring motor gliders available

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Hello, why are there no touring motor gliders in the MSFS?

The SF-25c disc in particular is very popular with flight schools.

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Hello Nico,

You've raised an interesting point about the absence of touring motor gliders in Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020 release). It's indeed surprising that aircraft like the SF-25c, which are popular among flight schools, haven't been included in the default aircraft lineup.

One possibility is that the development team at Asobo Studio and Microsoft prioritized a diverse range of aircraft to offer a broader experience for users, focusing on general aviation planes, airliners, and even bush planes. In doing so, some specific categories like touring motor gliders might have been inadvertently overlooked.

It's also worth considering that the development of accurate flight dynamics models (FDM) and systems simulations for motor gliders can be a complex task. This is because motor gliders, unlike conventional aircraft, exhibit unique characteristics that require detailed attention to their aerodynamics and powerplant systems. As a result, incorporating a high-quality motor glider into the simulator might have been challenging within the development timeline.

However, fear not, as the Microsoft Flight Simulator has a thriving third-party add-on community that continuously works on expanding the available aircraft collection. I recommend keeping an eye on Fly Away Simulation and other trusted sources for news about upcoming add-ons. There's a good chance that a touring motor glider, such as the SF-25c, will be developed and released by a third-party developer.

In the meantime, you can consider trying other flight simulators that feature touring motor gliders, such as Condor Soaring Simulator, which is specifically designed for glider enthusiasts. This can provide you with a more focused experience on glider aviation until an add-on becomes available for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

I hope this helps, and happy flying!

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