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Well Feelthere's next airplane is going to be the Embraer legacy. They are well known for making their ERJ-145 for FS9. There Legacy looks like it is taking simulation to a whole new level. Heres the site The VC and Cabin look awesome and I cannot wait to see the 2D panel. Well enjoy and I will enjoy her once she does come out.

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This one is hard to resist:

Only a lucky few get the chance to pilot such a plane, wander around its luxurious interior or be served by its stewardess.

Do not miss this opportunity which is too often only for a select few!


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isn;t it their normal erj with a new cabin?

check out this:

i don;t know whether i like it or not :S

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Hinch, did you actually look at those pics? If someone pays for that crap they deserve a swift kick in the you know where.

The Legacy is a bit different from the ERJ, a lil smaller, different engines, and has the ability to fly across the Atlantic.

The cockpit is similar to the ERJ with some new features plus a HUD that Feelthere will be including. The interior of the Legacy is one of the more stunning in a exec jet I've seen.

Three large seating area's...

TWO different bathroom's, because one is way too little.

6 different cabin config's, from 10 to 16 pax.

Some pics I found at

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Punk ROFL 👏

I like it 😉

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aah good info, very well informed Wink looks cool, i like th erj.

about the other one - i don't know whether i find it amusing or scary - not cos i fancy buying it!


I want one. 😀

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That's amazingly beautiful. Just the way pay-ware should be.


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hahha seriously!! the interior from the sim plane looks more real than the real one! wtf

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Smart move on the part of FeelThere. They hardly have to change anything, just make an impressive passenger cabin and they're all set.

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