Do you fly Wilco Feelthere Airbus Series - Can you help?

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Do you use the Wilco/Feelthere Airbus series? Can I get your help?

I'm after an Airbus A320 series add-on - Boeing are overcatered for I think but the Boeing add-ons are outstanding.

I can't seem to find a proper reveiw of this product, the Feelthere website lacks info and the reveiws that I do read are average.

All I want to know is compared to, say, PMDG or Level-D how does Airbus Series 1 perform? I owned a Wilco product a few yaers ago and it had shockingly low framerates I really want to clarify these points:

1. What are the framerates like compared to PMDG or Level-D?
2. Is it true that there are no SID/STARS?

I don't use a virtual cockpit and I have mid to high performance settings within FS2004. Using PMDG or Level D i see framerates of 30-40 approx. I'm worried that if I get Airbus Series 1 I'll see the poor framerates that people talk about and that I've had before with Wilco products.


Oh, I tried to post on the feelthere forum but it is "locked". Some help they are!! Mad

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Dunno about that but try Phoenix Solutions... they have an awesome realistic Airbus. I have their Dash 8 and it is for lack of a better word, PERFECT. I plan on buying their 757 too, as I am a Boeing fan. but here is info on their airbus series which is also outrageously cool.


product pages

Airbus page specifically

And yes it uses SID/STARS

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