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I just love the red arrows. THERE BLOODY BRILIANT! The one thing i had always wanted to be is a red arrows pilot but i doubt i would ever make it to be a red arrows pilot. SInce you would have to be the best of the best to be a red arrow pilot! You would need great piloting skills and plenty of expirance. The red arrows only select the best. Which is why i doubt i will make it. I can just become a arobatic display pilot insted 🙂

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I agree with you mate, when I saw them at Fairford they were something else, I don't know how nothing ever goes wrong 😎

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Aye they are awesome, I spent the day with them back in the late 80's up at Scampton, absolute brill day, the pilot's were real friendly.

Sphagnum1 Guest

Umm... Must be a UK thing... I can only imagine you are speaking of something similar to the the US's Blue Angels where our Navy shows off the use of F-18 Hornets at airshows across the country...

high flying Guest

I think that the red arrows are the best because they have never had an accident and that there are 9 of them.

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CRJCapt Chief Captain


They have Flight Simulator downloads in the download section of the website.

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KenTel First Officer

My first flight as Red Leader, 😂

They're from somewhere else, mate! 😂

Any more funny titles?

flightcheck Guest

UK have the Red Arrows, US have the BLue Angels, and Australia have the Roulettes, a group of great pilots flying the PC-9. They are brilliant 🙂

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