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Ryan Finn (pilotguy44) First Officer

Hi, I am finally changing the look of my virtual airline after having the same basic livery/design for well over 5 months.

I am starting with my StarJet fleet, which is our "express" subsidiary. The regular Global Star fleet will be similar with slight variations.

The top picture is the old/current StarJet livery (in service since last summer), and the 3 pictures below are my proposed repaint plans. I also created a new logo to accent the new "look" of my airline.

Please be honest, I need opinions and/or suggestions.

..personally I like the repaint, but I would like other opinions before going further and repainting the rest of my fleet. I have already received a mixed review from my Vice President. 😕

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain


Its certainly better than the original in my opinion. Maybe you could make the logo of 'starjet' bold so it stands out a bit more.
The only other thing I'd suggest is make the contrast between the two shades of colours at the back of the aircraft bigger, by either making the lighter colour a bit lighter, or making the darker colour a bit darker - to me it'd seem a bit less 'washy'. It would also make the partial star on the tail of the aircraft more prominent. Just my opinions, but very good all the same 👍

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Ryan Finn (pilotguy44) First Officer

thanks jon.. always helpful suggestions 😀 😎

i will fix up the boldness and the color contrast.. but i will also wait a day or two to get as many different opions/suggestions as possible.

and yes... the new livery, no matter what the final product looks like, will be a lot better than the original starjet paint scheme.. which I made almost a year ago when I was just learning how to do repaints. 😉

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davidmac1 First Officer

yes i agree with jon. Your repaint makes the aircraft look a lot more modern, in my opinion

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pilotwannabe Chief Captain

The new paint definately makes the airline more modern but in my opinion, too much of the fues is white. Maybe add a bit more colour above the cockpit. Just my opinion 😉

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