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To ALL Members and Geusts -

This is about the arrogance and disdain that the POSKY FORUM Administration adopts toward a member submitting a complaint about one of its so called Moderators.

Yesterday afternoon I registered with the POSKY FORUM and subcequently posted a Thread of some of my paints in their Screenshots Forum. I inadvertantly posted six (6) pictures rather than the preferred five (5) pictures outlined in their Rules, or more accurately Guidlines.

A short time after posting I saw that my thread had been placed into the Forum but was "LOCKED". When I went into the Thread to check on my post I saw a message in RED LETTERS telling me that I had brtoken the rules and that my PICTURES had been DELETED. In addition to this, there was a message posted by one of POSKY's so called MODERATORS YuSoke which read as follows:

" GOODBYE! Try reading the rules n\ext time! "

I was astounded at this person's demanding and arrogant approach and found his methods of informing a person they had made a mistake disgusting. As such I sent him a PM, as I was unable to publically respond - evidently only POSKY people are allowed to make comment.
My PM was pointed and direct and I did outline what I thought about his "tone" in the message.

A short time after that I received a message back from him saying

"...that it was I who was at FAULT, that NO-ONE asked me to go to the POSKY FORUM and that if I didnt like things as they were to leave and dont come back..."

Once again I was amazed at this so called Moderators reaction. I decided to email the Administrators (Nicholas Wilkinson) , believing that they would also disapprove of one of their Moderators being abussive and objectionable to a new member, especially as they have a fairly clear Rule about that sort of thing. I detailed the events that had occured and the following is what i received back from WILKINSON:

(This is a direct copy of the email I received - it has not been edited or tampered with in anyway)


I tried looking into the history of your account but I couldn't find anything that you have been suspended.

If you have been I'll reinstate your account, your warning level will stay though for about a week. It generally doesn't last long.

As far as Yosuke and his people skills; Project Open Sky has it's own way of moderating forums. Please keep in mind, this may be different from other boards.

POSKY Team members come from about 10 countries all over the world, from all corners and different methods of doing tasks. As a result it is very difficult to create a standard of maintaining order, therefor, we stand by each other's actions and we don't go around or behind someone's back. Yosuke is a moderator, however in his defense he was moderating. While his methods may be straight forward and direct, they are effective. Do not be offended by this, there really is no reason to. I am sure that you have been treated in an undesired way by several businesses in your home town.

POSKY team members have a primary responsibility and a secondary optional responsibility. Yosuke is an aircraft modeler and a texture designer first, a moderator second. This could be why FSHawaii's post went unnoticed. He also does not upload his pictures to our server, instead he just links them over from his server. In my opinion, that is following the rules, regardless of how many pictures he posted. Technically, he didn't upload them. The only reason we do this is becuase it does take toll on our server and bandwidth, and as we are a nonprofit team, we are paying our server fees by donation and out of our pockets.

I have no problem with you reposting your thread. You can post as many pictures as you want as long as you have them linked from another server, either your own, or a free one like

I also did not see your thread so I do not know if your thread was actually closed or was just waiting for approval. We have a system in place to prevent spam and fighting that requires all posts by new members to be reviewed and approved by moderators and/or administrators. The public will not see it until it has been approved, however I do not know if you will see the topic as it is waiting for approval.

Lastly, you probably will not get an apology from Yosuke. He has his ways of doing things, and while I or someone else might have handled it differently, we support each other as a team.

The most mature thing you can do to avoid this from happening with Yosuke or anyone else, is to just shrug it off, or admit your errors and move on, either on our forums, or in your personal life. There are worse things out there that can happen and there is no reason to be hyped up about the way someone treated you.

This email is between us though, but I will be letting Yosuke know of it, although he will not have a copy of it. Like I just mentioned, if you choose to stay on our forums, it's just best to say sorry and either ask what can be done to not make the same mistake again or something else. We all have our own lives too, and I do not look over the boards 24/7. I look at the boards generally when switching tasks or while waiting for a background task to finish, which is generally not a very long time. Things can slip between our fingers, it happens, but again, it's nothing that's really worth the effort of loosing your temper.


Nicholas Wilkinson

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Clearly, POSKY ADMINISTRATION finds abusive methods ACCEPTABLE from their moderators and WILL NOT do anything about any complaint that is lodged against one of them. This, in my opinion as a fair and decent man, is intolerable and very unacceptable. It is simply a case of DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO.

I made a small mistake, but did not deserve or expect the sort of bombastic, arrogant and conceited repsonse I got from that moderator. Nor did I expect the complaint to be written off so easily by the POSKY Administrators, let alone be given advice on my personal life. All this response did was to reinforce my opinion of the POSKY Administration as being arrogant, rude, self absorbed and very indifferent toward new members.

As such, I would urge everyone to abandoned the POSKY FORUM and, if considering registering with them, to re-think that move. I would also urge people who believe that what happened to me, and no doubtmany others, is unfair and unwarraented to demonstrate your feelings by emailing Nicholas Wilkinson and letting him know your thoughts.

I believe ALL people should be treated fairly and with respect, especially anew comer to anything, be it a Forum, Club anything at all. I was treated with contempt and indifference by the very people that are suppose to controlling such behaviour - what does that say about POSKY.

I am sorry this is so long, but I needed to use the facts of the situation.

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Jamie4590 Guest

Hi Tony,

I must say that is incredibly heavy handed. Their guidelines might say a maximum of 5 but common sense tells you uploading 6 isn't a big deal and you certainly shouldn't have been subjected to that. I don't know anything about POSKY or if its a paid subscription service. If you do pay them this makes it even worse. Even if you don't pay you should still be afforded the level of customer service as a paying customer.

This line made me laugh:

'I am sure that you have been treated in an undesired way by several businesses in your home town'.


He's basically agreeing with you that you have been treated shabbily but he's too spineless to get the mod to appologise and even worse appologise himself on the mods behalf. Why couldn't he do that?

Don't let it ruin your weekend but at the same time if you feel strongly about it insist on an apology for 'an unprofessional and frankly rude and arrogant response'. Threaten to really make a fuss and take it to the boys on the board. There must be someone in POSKY who still appreciates the value of good customer service although they are a dying breed.

If an appology isn't forthcoming find out his address and give him a bloody good kicking. 😂

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wombat457 First Officer

Hi jamie 4590 -

To be fair, POSKY FORUM is a free service and many of the things in Nicholas' email made me laugh. WHat you said is fundemaentally right - he is saying that it should be okay if business people treated me the same way (or anyone infact). The fact ios that business peopel are profesisinal and it fhtey did treat their customers that way they wouldnt be in business for too long.

I replied to this rediculous email and you shoudl see the resonse I got - that is even more laughable and basically he (THE Administrator has claimed no responsibility at all for anythig. Perhaps I shopuld post his reply as well.

He even goes to say that they dont make anything, they dont provide anything and therefore the "DONT NEED MEMBERS" I thinj that really says a lot considering the mere fact of their exsistance is memebership.

Perhaps I will add to this Thread with his second email to me as I think that really highlights his veiws on everythign - including the Forums Memebrs in General - according to him - They are NOT Needed - wouldnt they (the members) like to know that lol

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wombat457 First Officer


The continuing story - I naturally responded to the above email and this is what I received from Mr Nicholas Wlikinson (POSKY ADMINISTRATOR - evidently by Title only) -

If the above didnt make you laugh - this will:

(Once again this is a direct unedited or altered copy of the email)


Then don't visit our forums. We are not forum member dependent. We do not make money off our products, there for we have no customers, therefore we need no customers. It is a shame you had one bad experience make a decision for you but that is your wish and you are free to do what you like.

As far as following our own rules, our rules are set up for the public, and we do our best to follow them as well, however like I said in my previous email, we all have our way of moderating.

I do not see a reason to rectify anything. Again, I do not see that Yosuke had overstepped his boundaries. Each moderator is different, and Yosuke does not have any tolerance. I however do, I offered a peaceful solution, which you had denied, so basically our conversation is over.

In my personal opinion, you should not have contacted me regarding this manner. This is clearly an issue between you and Yosuke. POSKY Administrators are only forum administrators. We have our own in house governing system, but this excludes the public forums. We are not set up as a typical company; we have no CEO, we have no president, we have only active members voting on things at hand, such as the future of Project Open Sky and our sister companies. We have survived like this for 7 years, and believe me we have more years to come.

On a personal note, I do not enjoy being put in the middle. You have an issue that involves Yosuke, not me. I am not his boss, no one is his boss, no one is my boss. Like I just mentioned, we are not managed by any sort. We are a group of friends who design add on aircraft. Myself, I am cautious, not arrogant. You may forward this email to whoever you want, I would have figured you would have been mature enough to keep it a private matter but if you feel it should be public that is your choice, you are free to do whatever you want. It doesn't threaten us, it doesn't hinder sales, do not forget that we do not have customers, we do our projects free of will. Our forums are for the publics use, a free service, where humans of all over the world, children and adults, come together.

I am also supposing you will find this email unacceptable. That is fine, you can think whatever you like. I stand by what I say and as far as Project Open Sky goes, we stand by each other's actions.


Nicholas Wilkinson

Guest Guest

That first email from that Administrator was reasonable in view. It looks to me that this Admin admitted that you had not done anything major wrong and looked like they would let back onto the forum. Shrugging this idiot Moderator off was good advice. Established communities on many forums are very cautious about new members.
I think you kind of shoot yourself in the foot by calling them arrogant and rude 😂, which may well be true however it could of ruined any chance of you posting again on there. It's best to ignore the idiots and talk to the good forum members.

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violentviolet First Officer

You should send this You Sucky character a nice little sachet of Anthrax, slap him across his spotty bespectacled face, and get him to go outside his bedroom at his mummy's house and interact with the human race directly, then he'll see how far his arrogant tone gets him.
I bloody hate arrogant ignorant people.
And as for the administrator at POSKY, that big girls blouse should grow a pair and not just bury his head in the sand, probably mumbling constantly,"I have no balls", "I have no balls", "I have no balls".
Sorry to go on for so long, but Wombat seems to be a good bloke, and doesn't deserve that kind of treatment, regardless of whatever the situation may be.If you gave that attitude in the real world, you'd be spitting teeth for about a month.

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antone First Officer

Firstly, I would suggest you take care over posting private communications on a public forum. The admin whose emails you reposted might have decent grounds to complain.

That said, it does seem you were treated pretty badly. I moderate a few (non-flightsim) forums, and I'd have handled it like this:

"Hi Wombat, thanks for the excellent pics. Just one thing: we do have a rule that only five images can be attached to posts if those images are to be stored on our server. This is because we have limited server space and bandwidth. Could you please edit your post to remove one of the images?"

If the response is "Oops! Certainly" then there's no further problem. If the response is ""£$£"$£""%$^^%&%£"£$ you!!" then I might take more drastic action 😂

Pro Member Captain
Welshflyer Captain

antone wrote:

Firstly, I would suggest you take care over posting private communications on a public forum. The admin whose emails you reposted might have decent grounds to complain.

That said, it does seem you were treated pretty badly. I moderate a few (non-flightsim) forums, and I'd have handled it like this:

"Hi Wombat, thanks for the excellent pics. Just one thing: we do have a rule that only five images can be attached to posts if those images are to be stored on our server. This is because we have limited server space and bandwidth. Could you please edit your post to remove one of the images?"

If the response is "Oops! Certainly" then there's no further problem. If the response is ""£$£"$£""%$^^%&%£"£$ you!!" then I might take more drastic action 😂

This is the reply Wombat457 "SHOULD" have got but did'nt. He replied to his abusive reply from Yousuck in a polite manner to another moderater and got another load of bollocks in reply.The reply of we don't regulate or control each other is a very poor way to run a forum ,you should have set and decent standards,and as for "we don't need you", other users of this forum(Posky), beware, it shows how highly regarded your important contributions are.Thank god there are sensible people running other forums around here with respect,honesty and friendship!

Pro Member First Officer
lenin First Officer

that was rather rude of them to say the least.
I have noticed, and this may be the case with POSKY, that some fs designers/repainters are well up their own a***s. They take themselves too seriously. They need to get out, make some friends they can actually meet in real life and get a girlfriend. lol

Pro Member Chief Captain
CRJCapt Chief Captain

That's terrible that a forum administrator would treat you in that matter. Send an email, with the above replies to Alienware, they advertise on the Projectopensky website. If they didn't pay to advertise, I wonder if Alienware even authorized the logo and link to their site? I will be sending an email to this jerk and to Alienware about his treatment of our friend Wombat457. Evil or Very Mad

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VegasFlyer Chief Captain

We got your back Wombat! 🍻

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wombat457 First Officer

Hi Guys -

Wow, I really didnt expect to get this much reaction, to be honest, I though tthe post would be removed pretty quickly.

Thankyou all for your support and depsite my being the recipient of this arrogance, what Welshflyer said is 100% correct - when an Administrator refuse to administrate then the forum has a problem, and that is quite likely what has happend with POSKY - everyone does what they want and the rules only apply to the "Members (who really arnt needed as Wilkinson points out).

Thankyou once again and if this only achieves to make peopel aware of certain things, then I am happy and glad I posted what I did.

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wombat457 First Officer

Antone -

Thankyou for your concern, but as you pointed out, it was a private communication from him to me, thus making the email my property once it arrived on my computer. His mistake was tellign me that "it will remain between he and I" he onyl wanted that so as people didnt discover what dort of people are running POSKY, or risk that the POSKY members might find out that threr so called administrator really doesnt need them. If he has something to complain about, then it can only be out of embarrassment for saying what he said.

I am a firm believer in if you have somethign to say, then say it - but dont say one thing in private, then try to excuse yourself in public when the "poo" hits the fan. If you genuinely believe in what you are sayign, then you wont care who see's or reads it.

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