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Dirt Strips

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😕 Aloha, I would like to make some dirt strips in Laos like the ones used by the CIA, Air America, but the problem I am having is that the strips were all at an incline to Level and APfW doesn't Do Angles when it comes to Runways,SO does anyone know how I may be able to accomplish it? It would make for great flying and landing as they were Extremely SHORT. Ric

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Have you tried Afcad2? This little prog lets you create your own airports and modify the default airports
Details here ➡

Hope it helps


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Riclo First Officer

😎 Aloha Tom,Thank's for the input, but afcad doesn't do 12 degree incline runway's either,or I just couldn't find setting for the incline. It would be great practice to come in to the Strip of land,point the nose up and land going uphill,imagine the take-off,drop-off. Too COOL!...Ric

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