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does anyone know how to modify/add/delete waypoints using msfs default flight planner?

thanks for your help 🙂

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In flight planner choose your first and your last airports and also choose VFR and DIRECT GPS type of flight.For example:LGAV - KJFK.
Then hit Nav Log and you will see your route showing in the map with a purple line.
Now you can drag this line with your left mouse click to every airport you want to land between these two airports you have already selected.When you live the left click of the mouse you will notice that this airport showing in the Nav Log.With this way you create a Multiple Waypoint flight.
If you double click in an airport in the map you can see all the needed data about it(ILS & Tower Frequencies,runway(s)length and position,altitude etc.)

After finishing your first flight save it.Then you can start from there to continue to next destination etc.

If you try it with a 747 you have to be careful about the airports your are going to select cause of the size of this great craft. 😉

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thanks for the info 🙂

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