Cool places to fly, cool fly routes, post them here :)

ProXius Guest

Hello, hello

Does someone know some cool flying routes? Small ones with like, 15 - 60 minutes of flying.

The ones I fly a lot are:

Alpnach to Buochs
Geneva to Zurich
Lelystad to Schiphol

I would some cool flying routes with nice views/scenery 🙂


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Pro Member First Officer
amermel First Officer

Omaha, Nebraska- Lincoln, Nebraka (US of A)


Pro Member Chief Captain
pilotwannabe Chief Captain

London - Paris
JFK - Boston
Sydney - Auckland


Pro Member Chief Captain
CrashGordon Chief Captain

Any two airports in Nepal
Almost anywhere in Argentina, Peru or Chile

Pro Member Chief Captain
Greekman72 Chief Captain

Colombia,Austria,Switserland,Greece,Gulf of Mexico Islands.

Pro Member Trainee
mcmxl Trainee

British columbua is nice. So is western Alberta. The otherday I was airport hopping up the inside passage between vancover Island and the mainland.



Pro Member First Officer
Ryan Finn (pilotguy44) First Officer

Hawaiian inter-island flights I do a lot of.

otherwise the flights i do are more-or-less random.. it depends on my mood...

TimTim Guest

Dublin Intl. (EIDW) - London Stansted (EGSS)

jzizzle Guest

Kabul to Islamabad

vegarduy Guest

ENBR-ENSG-ENSD-ENOV. Some nice scenery and challenging approaches, at least IFR. Operated mostly by DHC8s.

Pro Member First Officer
pilatflyr First Officer

there are many good place to fly if you have the scenery for it. But if you want to make a nice quick test flight with a new aircraft i would recommend KSFO-KLAX (San Francisco to L.A.). It's one of theose routes that should give you enough time to figure out all the systems of your plane and what not. That's the testing route as I would call it

Pro Member First Officer
George (OrlandoGeorge) First Officer

Honolulu International Airport / Hilo International Airport / Kahului Airport / Kona International Airport at Keahole / Lihue Airport.

Manufacturers 1/20th Boeing 737-200 Display Model!

Pro Member First Officer
KevinTsai First Officer

Taiwan to Hong Kong. I would recommend that you land at Kai Tak Airport instead of the new Chep Lap Kok International Airport. Challenging approach! 😀

Pro Member Trainee
Mitchell Delaney (minicaptain) Trainee

try, TNCM(Princess Juliana Intl) to TFFJ(St Barthelemy), it is only 10 to 15 min.
And also, if you land rwy 10 you have to dive down to the runway over a hill, but be warned, you must download a certain file found on Avsim, otherwise landing and takeoff is literally impossible.
Search St barthelemy on avsim 2004 scenery, it fixes the positioning of the island so it is correct.

Landing is quite fun on rwy 10 but you might need some practice or you
will naturally dive from too high up and end up going off the end of the
runway into the water. 😂

P.S: make sure you use a STOL aircraft, because the runway is quite short at TFFJ, the BN-2 Islander is my fave.

Pro Member First Officer
pilatflyr First Officer

i just got around to flying that last night. it is one of the most unbelievable approaches ever. it's not that hard to master, but it just takes a very steady hand. 😂 😛


A good forty five minute flight from San Fransisco (KSFO) to Mammoth Lakes (KMMH) over the Sierra Nevada Mountains then landing in the Yosemite. Best with Beechercraft King Air.

FS Awesomeness Guest

Calgary Canada to Vancouver or reverse (CYYC-CYVR) optimum altitude to see the awesome scenery is anywhere from 8,000 feet to 15,000 feet, hope you enjoy this short route 🙂 😉

FS Awesomeness Guest

Best to use with Air Canada or Westjet aircraft. They fly the route often

Mr_Hollywood Guest

Bella Coola - Anahim Lake

challenging flight in a very small plane.

ianof harwich Guest

I fly the route using the NDB's and the ILS at Geneva. With the weather snowing, temp set below freezing and at night time. It makes for a bit of a challenge> I fly the Grumman goose and keep between the mountains or over the lakes on route. I often add a flight out of Geneva to Lyon but this route needs a bit more altitude.


LIRF (Rome) to LIRN (Naples)

KBIL (Billings, Montana) to KSEA (Seattle, Washington)

KLAX (Los Angeles) to San Diego (KSAN)

GDR Raptor Guest

EGHI TO EGHQ its a good short flight around 60 mins. advise flying 2500ft alt

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