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Yesterday I sent a zip file containing an a/c to my buddy. We have done this a couple of dozen times in the past. The a/c is properly installed and yet will not show up in the gane under the manufacturer or the "Any" aircraft search. I checked and it's not inside a folder/inside a folder. I've caught this in the past. Any ideas as to why this a/c is a no show in the game. It's in the a/c folder of FS9.


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Cant thing anything more than a wrong installation...Probably this craft has some special instructions in the readme file...I just suppose...
Dont Know Maybe sharing the link for this craft could help us to give you a more specific answer. 😉

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James F. Mitchell (jfmitch1716) Trainee on AVSIM will get the a/c. The one I passed on hasd several mods to the panel.


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