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I cant get my ILS approach to work properly. I have got the radios an everything set up properly. but my aircraft always land well before the runway. Embarassed

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jelami First Officer

Oh no, premature anything is bad Fear

Are you using AP to land?
Personally, I always land in manual mode, and never touch down until after the inner marker. Of course i have landed next to a few fogged in runnways Oops!

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Arkydave First Officer

jelami wrote:

Of course i have landed next to a few fogged in runnways

That's why they invented Decision Height, Jelami 😀

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

If you're using autopilot, make sure your monitoring your throttle too, if you loose too much speed, you're gonna land way short because the aircraft cant stay on the glide slope.

If that still dont help, i dunno what to tell you. Are you using a Jet, if so, try autothrottle as well, and make sure the NAV/GPS button is clicked to NAV.

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coolsan First Officer

When I first started out with ils I had the same "short of the runway" problem and it was due to low approach speed, as someone already said.
If you´re flying jets set the autothrottle to 160kts; altough the best is to touchdown a little slower you'll land ok. Just don't come in too hard.
A couple of seconds before touchdown set autothrottle off and you'll have a smoother landing. Remember to turn off autothrottle otherwise you won't be able to engage the thrust reversers.

Let us know how you do...

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leadfoot First Officer

I always hand fly ILS approaches. I have on occaision let the autopilot land without any trouble. If you leave the flight director on, the autopilot will automaticly deploy thrust reverse upon landing------it will also come out of reverse at about 60kts and throttle down. Try it, you'll like it.

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