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Satellite Assisted Landing System by Glenn Copeland

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FS2004 Gauge: Satellite Assisted Landing System, v9 (SALS). Using satellite data, this gauge provides glidepath/glideslope guidance into all runways inside the FS world. Approach heading and glideslope indicators are displayed during the landing phase in a fashion similar to those used with ILS and requires the same piloting techniques to keep the needles centered. Because SALS has the ability to guide an aircraft to both ends of a runway, every airport including grass strips and seaplane bases can be accessed with a high level of landing precision. In case of missed approaches, backcourse guidance is provided during climbout. Panel or separate window installation. Includes SALS icon gauge and Word doc with illustrated design parameters. By Glenn Copeland

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Jeeze, seems every other week Glenn comes out with another crazy gauge.

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