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FS2004 Gauge: 4thHand- This landing gear computer will automatically raise and lower retractable gear. It has analog adjustments to tailor both gear-up and gear-down functions to the needs of various aircraft. Once set to the preferences of the pilot, 4thHand cycles through the takeoff and landing phases without further attention. It will remains active for an entire FS session and continue to do its job regardless of the number of takeoff/landing cycles. A push-to-test diode display keeps the pilot informed on which mode the computer is in. Panel or separate window installation with 4thHand icon gauge. By Glenn Copeland

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i don't want it, but glenn does make some excellent stuff! i bow down to the guy's coding skill and logic! the cockpit commander (with my own bitmaps) is one of the best things ever.

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As you can tell I have become one of his fans. I love the cockpit commander as well. I bet your bit maps makes it ausome. 👍

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that computer thingy sounds pwetty sweet.

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