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Alright, so today after I came home from school, I put my schoolbag on the floor and took my loose change out of my pockets, along with the change came my stick of Doublemint chewing gum that fell on the floor infront of my cat... And low and behold she starts sniffing it and then starts to roll all over it. I though ok she has an itch. But then she starts licking the wrapper Dont Know so I take the gum piece out and she starts to lick the powder off of it and tries to take a bite but I pull it away from her. So umm does your cat like Doublemint Chewing gum?

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its scent thing cats have a gland on their cheeks hind legs by the knee and hip the shoulders and base of the tail and of course in their ummm. Censored Censored

but thats why they do that or she likes gum or she wants to be scratched

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😂 😂 😂

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try washing something with bleach .. clean your hands and the bleach smell will stay (despite the actual bleach being gone)

stroke your cat around its nose so it can smell your hand and watch it go loopy 🙂

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We used to have a female cat who loved anything minty. She would lick any kind of mint-flavored candy she found. If you brushed your teeth with a minty toothpaste, she would try to lick your lips afterward (sorry, cat, but I draw the line there).

I think catnip is a relative of the mint family of plants, so maybe she was gettin' a buzz off it. She certainly got grouchy if you tried to take it away from her.

She also liked tomato sauce. Any kind of pasta sauce or pizza sauce, she loved. Didn't care for catsup, though.

My friend had a cat who liked to be vacuumed, with the brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner. Cats are individuals, just like everybody else.


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