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Concorde not going fast enough

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I downloaded the PM2 Concorde and eventually got everything into place, but some tweaking still necessary.

It takes off and climbs ok, needing holding back to avoid "overspeed" if anything. But, when it reaches 55,000 ft it refuses to go to Mach 2 and lollops along at around 260 knots. I have the joystick throttle full open and I've tried F4 but to no avail.

The instructions are mostly in French which I'm not entirely competent to read but even so I can see nothing to indicate how the speed can be increased.

I am baffled and wonder if anyone else has met this problem. The panel is beautiful but there doesn't seem any way to do what I want - I added the 747 throttle quadrant and that certainly goes fully forward in phase with my joystick.

Any ideas?

rgds Mike


I think you mean Mach 1?? Mach 2 would be twice the speed of sound, but a concorde should only be going the speed of sound (which would be Mach 1) over sea

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If your KIAS at 55,000 ft is 260, look at your GPS and see what your ground speed is.

You are aware that the higher you go the lower your IAS becomes, don't you?

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you shouldn;t be reading your kias (knots) anyway. you should switch over to mach at about 30,000ft

and yes, concorde does do mach 2

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Thanks for both replies - yes I had forgotten the points you mentioned. Next time I will do as you say and look at the GPS. I note that in "Map" mode it certainly doesn't indicate any more than I said.

Having some difficulty finding my way around the panel as my French isn't up to getting a great deal out of the documents. Haven't seen any mention of lifting/lowering the nose cone - speed? button/lever?

I expect there is information about lift-off that I have yet to find and take on board - at the moment I get it off the ground but I'm sure not in any recommended way!

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