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can some one tell me which airport add on is the best freeware to get. i love the boston V 1.1 the runways and taxi ways are great. terminals are too. i need more like it.

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i believe the boston add-on you're referring to is the freeware one by FlyTampa. ..i too have that scenery and it is excellent!

..FlyTampa is probably the most realistic you'll find... and they have several other locations besides boston. however, the others are all payware.. but well worth it.


i have several SimFlyers sceneries... they actual scenery is quite outdated on some airports... with new terminals and/or runways and taxiways missing... but the quality of the scenery is very nice.. especially with their gate docking system.. in which the gate pulls directly up to your door, no matter what aircraft you're in. service vehicles and ground personnel also surround you at the gate.. . They have close to 20 airports completely re-designed and available for download (all payware). But their best ones are Phoenix and Las Vegas ... by far. Their rendition of Rome's Fuimicino Airport is nice also..


...also if you like SimFlyers scenery, try imaginesim. one of the main designers at SimFlyers left the company a few years back and started his own (imaginesim)... they have a few airports availble.. and they're very nicely detailed.


if it's freeware you want.. I can't really point you at one or two good ones.. there's quite a few good ones you can find for free.

simply search for the scenery you desire in flightsim.com or avsim.net archives.. and make sure you organize the search results by downloads, that way you can see which ones are most popular (normally the best ones :wink🙂

i hope i was helpful 😎
happy flying with whatever scenery you choose! 😀 👍

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