Inclined runways

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┬┐Anybody can say me how to create inclined runways?

Thank you.

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hinch Chief Captain

unfortunately i'm sure there is no one here with those skills.

try projectopensky and their forums, they have very skilled modellers

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Sam (SamIntel) Captain

In FS2004 it is impossible to make an inclined runway, UNLESS you paint on on the ground someware. Their may be a way to do that using this software:

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We must wait next versions...

Thanks a lot!

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hinch Chief Captain

there are indeed versions of courcheval etc with the inclined runway. it requires the designer to indeed 'paint' the surface and place the standard runway polygons (so fs knows it is a runway) at the top and bottom.

worst of all is how badly fs aircraft respond tosaid inclines...

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