no CD crack?

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hey every one well I am having some trubles with my disc for flight simulation and was wondeirng if I used a NO CD crack would that effect the game at all? becaues well I dont know if its my CD or my CD drive I live in the middle of no where and dust ruins everything lol, but would a NO CD crack be ok to use? because if it makes the game run any slower or anything like that then I wont use one but if it dosent effect it at all it may be nice lol, any reccomendations? and can anyone give me a link to one?


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Brian B. (valcan222) Trainee

Well now I know I have to have a CD crack because it isint my CD its my CD drive it wont read any disks so I cant play FS at all GRRRR so I downloaded the no CD crack from this site but have no idea now to install it or anything lol, can someone help ?


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It has absolutely no effect on the sim, it just launches it without the disk.
We have both for member download.
If you are running the original sim (9.0) then you use that exe.
If you have patched it with the 9.1 patch then use that exe (9.1).

The directions are included with the download.


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As far as I can tell it makes no difference at all. I have the full game I just don't like to haul out the disk every time I want to fly.

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