Problems to copy CD4 in FS2004...Can i find NO CD Crack ??

Lobao Guest

I can´t burn a copy of FS2004 CD 4. What`s the problem? How me i do to copy this last cd? I´m using nero the new last version. And, so where can i find the No cd crack? Are there nay site to me download? 😎 THANKS

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Mad Microsoft have encoded cd4 to protect us against pirate copies (their words not mine)
I have read on other forums of programs that will copy it but can't remember at the moment Embarassed
There is a nocd patch on this site

The forum will help you if you have trouble installing it(its the one thats 3 pages long but the install help is on page 1)

good luck and let us know how you get on

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vbombv Trainee

Have you tried Clone CD....

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Wamtk Trainee

I have tried Clone CD (gets read errors) and WinISO (fails). Other suggestions. Thanks, Wam

Hipnosys Guest

If anyone does know what program can burn disc 4 I would appreciate it.

The no CD crack creates some problems.

I also dont want to use the source.. Just that I can have a backup.


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GuestGuy Guest

Well, Microsoft has done it this time. I'm really angry that they've protected there software, which may sound weird. I'm attending post-secondary education and I'm in a co-op program in University which makes me live in a dorm for a few months and then back home again. I have all my games backed up except for this one because I can't get it to copy correctly. Its a real pain. I managed to get CD4 burnt w/ Asus 32x burner burning at a slow 12x (it has flextralink so I rarely coaster), but I've gone through a few cds making a copy of this product. The copied version is not being reckognized by FS2004 and its sad because I paid for the game (actually it was a very welcome B-Day Present). but regardless, I'm probably going to have to pick up another copy because I'm working and I don't have the time to drive back to my dorm which is a few hours drive away.

Any help on backing up my copy or do i really have to purchase another copy!


Download the CD program ALCOHOL 52% or 120% (you can get both as trial versions).

Image the CD with IMAGE MAKING WIZARD, and choose GENERAL PROTECTED CD as the Datatype.

It will generate errors, but ignore them.

Now you can 'insert' this virtual CD image and play the game without needing the CD.

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