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I curently am using fs 2002 and thinking about up grading to fs 2004, my only quiery is, does fs 2004 slow down your system and have a bad frame rate like MS combat fs 3. 😕

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I've got a Celeron 466Mhz, 598Mb Ram, nVidia Riva TNT2 32Mb Ultra 2 Pro graphics card....and old system now, but I always get 10-15fps in FS2002 Pro.

I recently upgraded to FS2004...and I barely get 3fps, and that's with everything dumbed down. You have to make sure that your network firewall is disabled, antivirus protection disabled and any other ancillary apps turned off...and I still only get 6fps...

I'm now upgrading my PC to Intel P4 2.8Ghz HT 800FSB, 512Mb DDR 400Mhz, Radeon 9600Pro 128Mb system....and I can't wait!!!

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Hi Emonator, you will be happy ! I run it on a P4/2.53..533 bus, with 512 Rambus and a Nvidia FX5900 Ultra. The only thing I would recommend is that you get the Nvidia card. With your great new rig, why settle for less because of a inferior Video card? When I uograded my video card, I first tried the Nvidia 5800, then the ATI 9800 and was not happy...took them back and got the 5900 Ultra for only 70 bucks more (buying on-line, no tax, no shipping$$) and Woo-eeee ! What a difference in graphics!! Just my humble opinion! rob

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oooops! sorry

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