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I noticed that the graphics and sense of speed in Cfs1 are much better than Cfs2. Is there and thing I can do to improve Cfs2 with respect to graphics and the feeling of flying slow even in a jet?

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Never heard "Second parts are worst?" That is true for Country Presidents as much as it is for Movies, Books and Games. Stick to CF1. I love it!


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I think that CFS2 is more demanding of your computer than CFS. The graphics are actually better on CFS2 but you will need a faster processor and or faster graphics card. You could also turn down the details or the resolution but that will lower your picture quality. I would get a faster system. If that is not possible, I would get a faster graphics card. If that is not possible, I would add RAM. Ensure that you don't have unnecessary programs running in the background like anti virus. 🙂

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