Dual Prop Cessna

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First dual prop (fore & aft) I have flown - flies well - haven't yet got the hang of shutting one of them down 😕 😕 - or even if you can 😕 😕
Comes from FS Design Germany and can't remember where I downloaded it!!! Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed
Here it is over the two Firth of Forth bridges in Scotland.

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Is this the little puppy your talking about?
I just downloaded it this morning and flew it tonight.
Sweet little craft, I was disappointed that it didn't have a GPS and I had to fly ATC and a compass which I did enjoy!
I already uploaded a screen shot to our gallery.


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leadfoot First Officer

I downloaded , and dumped the 337. Like half of the downloads I get here, it did not work right, the panel was oversized enough to crop the guages on the edges, there was no avionics switch, no fuel selector or fuel cutoff control, and to top it off the engines would shut down just after startup for no reason. I am rather displeased to say the least. I have to say that with FEW exceptions your downloads have been as far as I am concerned, junk! I expect to get at least an aircraft I can control----I.E. master switches, guages, some of the planes I have downloaded I could do absolutly nothing with, no guages, no master switch, others had default panels, from the 737. As a whole, I am disappointed with the quality if your downloads. I think you guys need to have a serious discussion about quality control regarding your downloads. I DO know how to install downloads into my sim, so that is not the problem.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

I'll be very honest with you. I get my downloads elsewhere, I very seldom get any here because I like to get the latest downloads.
I skim the three main download sites each morning and grab what I want.
I've gone through all carefully and downloaded and burned almost all of the GA aircraft that I like and slowly they are being added and kept or deleted to my sim.
Many of the ones that I post in the "Photo Gallery" are one time flown and dumped, I'm always looking for the "one".
I found some excellent ones and many "dogs".
There are a few free downloads that are quite good, the Deke, a taildragger Beech Super "G", a C-206 Cessna, you follow me.
I don't know what your looking for, GA or big jets, Meljet, Posky??
As for as this sites downloads go, they are trying to be all things to all people and that is difficult, its the popular downloads that they carry, not the super complex around the world that you are looking for. Your experienced in the art of flight (both IRL and the SIM), most of us are novices and enjoy your company because you are more than willing to answer the many questions we all have.
If you want something special, ask some time and I'll (as you see) do my best to find it for you.


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leadfoot First Officer

Hey guys, I downloaded the 337 again, same problems, cropped panel, no avionics switch,and no fuel selector or cutoff control. However, I've found a solution to the spontanious engine shutdown right after start-up. Advance the freshly started engine throttle to 1500 rpm or so for a few seconds, then go back to idle, they will keep running after that. I took it out for a spin from KSAN, it climbs like a homesick angel, it also seems to cruise rather quickly, which is nice. I am still vexed by the lack of fuel selectors and the like. It also seems to burn fuel faster from the right tanks than the left, causing a gradual increase in drifting to the left, which is annoying. I apologize for my earlier post, I was feeling rather raw and short changed. I do expect a lot out the sim downloads, --- faithful representation of the real thing for one. It is possible that I do expect too much from freeware downloads. Being a real pilot and having a great interest in commercial aviation has made me a real stickler for accurate modeling, performance, and details, like having every control for every aspect of a plane. I also have always had the unpleasant trait of being a perfectionist. I have flown a real 337 on one occasion so I know what to expect. I hope that in the future this model will be upgraded with all the proper controls, the afore mentioned avionics switch and fuel selectors, even fuel burn, also a prop sync, a GPS would be nice, having ALL the guages in view, etc.

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leadfoot First Officer

P.S. I like the big stuff more than the G.A. When I was a little kid my mother always took me to the airport in Columbus Ohio to either pickup or see my father off on a business trip. I was to say the least, enthralled with airliners. They were the most beautiful and graceful things I have ever seen, so I began to have a great desire to have the most intimate knowledge of these big planes. I have fulfilled much of that desire, but I am always seeking more. As for the sim, I fly the GA planes for local trips, 150 miles or less, I am partial to turboprops for larger hops, 200-300 miles, and I fly the 737 or 777 for the long stuff I.E. CMH to DFW, DFW to KSAN, and other big hops >350 miles. I do a great deal of flying in the big jets though. I even use the high altitude enroute charts to fly the routes. I was surprised to learn on a trip to Ca. in '99 that they still used VOR's over land instead of inertial navigation as they do over the oceans. Being as I am well versed in the use of VOR's, the high alt. charts were old hat to me.

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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

As I am fairly new to FS and have never flown a real plane in my life and am far from perfect, I hesitate to get involved with two very knowledgable gentlemen like radarman and leadfoot Embarassed
I d/l'd the 337 from FS Design, the makers - also d/l'd the patch which solves part of the petrol tank problem.
Like radarman I d/l these craft more out of curiosity - always nice to show an oddity in the screenshots.
I have also emailed the site in regard to the flaws - cropped panel, no GPS, etc,etc and am waiting a reply - will let you know what transpires.
As far as our site is concerned I have learned a great deal from both the gentlemen and long may it continue but I am long enough in the tooth to realise this is an imperfect world and to expect the site managers to inspect for quality, each and every available download is a bit much.
These d/l's are free (OK I know about the $5) and we owe a lot to these FS designers who put their skills under the scrutiny of the FS community.
Surely us, as FSimmers and subscribers should accept that there will be good, bad and indifferent d/l's and if we feel so inclined we can report the faults to the developers, who if they are real developers will even welcome the reporting of bugs.
I am old and frail so please be gentle with your criticism of my thoughts. 😀

"To err is human but a computer makes some right mess ups"

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