ch yoke prop lever problem

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i am having a problem with my prop lever on my ch yoke usb. when i pull out a little on the prop lever, it goes out alot and only moves a small amount after that. sometimes, after i try calibrating the yoke, controls the aircraft as if there are only two positions for the ailerons and elevators, neutral or fully deployed. this only happens sometimes after i re-callibrate. i am thinking of buying a ch throttle quadrant. could this fix the problem?

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Jeff Brock (jeffb57) First Officer

by the way, here are my computer specifications

E.V.L. System (custom)

3.0 Ghz AMD cpu
1024 megs of memory
80 gig hard drive
windows xp home edition

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That is very strange behavior for the controller that recalibration should fix. Try the following:

1. Disconnect any other controllers.
2. If your connecting thru a USB hub, connect directly to computer. If not, change USB sockets.
3. Recalibrate controller and set everything to default. Make sure that the only controller that shows in the calibration area and the assignment area of Flight Simulator is the yoke.
4. If still no luck, use the assignment program from CH if you're not already. You can download it from their website.

Sometimes the assignments between the yoke and other controllers gets mixed up. You can get the Throttle Quadrant(TQ) but it won't solve the problem. Flight Simulator and the computer see the TQ as another controller and assignments won't effect the first controller.

If things do work right, set the sensitivity on all three levers to Max with very small Null zones.


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Jeff Brock (jeffb57) First Officer

thanks captain, changing ports made it better

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