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I found these pics and jokes quite amusing, and I thought I would share them with you!

A few related to aviation:

And one for those who use Microsoft Word:

(How annoying)

And now some jokes:

Did you know that an engine is only used to keep the pilot cool?
If you don't believe it, watch the pilot sweat when one goes out!

A young pilot, who just got his private pilot license, was making approach to airfield at nighttime. He was very proud of his license and he switched off the navigation lights and asked the tower: "Guess who?" Tower switched off the runway lights and asked: "Guess where?"

After a particularly rough landing by a 747, the captain stood by the exit door as the passengers disembarked. As each one passed, he thanked them for flying with the airline, and bade them good-day. The last person off the plane was a little old lady, to whom the captain said: "Thank you for flying with us - I hope the landing wasn't too rough!"
The old lady looked him in the eyes and replied: "That was a 'landing'? Sonny, I thought we'd been shot down!"

Immediately upon touching down at an unfamiliar airport, a flight simmer applied full thrust reverse, full speed brakes and full wheel brakes, coming to a stop just at the end of the runway. "Wow," he exclaimed," that was the shortest runway I ever landed on." When he looked left then right, he further remarked, "This is also the widest runway I ever landed on -- it's about two miles wide!"

Estimated ETA. ETA means "estimated time of arrival," so "estimated ETA" literally means "estimated estimated time of arrival."

GPS system. GPS stands for "global positioning system," so "GPS system" literally means "global positioning system system."

(From Flight Sim and Top

Have a good day/night 😀

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I've seen some of those before - good find 👍

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

😂 😂 😂

Love the second one 👍

Pilau Guest

The one with the pilot and tower was a hilarious one 😀
Plus the runway joke was ace! 😂

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