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I need to edit a Texture file (.blg), in a specific aircraft's folder. But when I try to view the file in My Computer as a thumbnail it says Drawing Failed, instead of showing the picture. If I try to open or import the file into a program such as Photoshop, it says, "Could not complete your request because of a disk error."
The aircraft runs just fine in FS, if FS can open the file why can't I?
Please Help.

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A file name with an extension of '.blg' - or should that be '.bgl' is not a texture file. Texture files have the extension '.bmp'. There are some 'bgl' file editors available but unless you are very experienced in the matter, I would advise you not to attempt the exercise.
Answers are very difficult to give if the questions contain typo's. If 'blg' is not a typo then I apologise - I have not yet seen a 'blg' file and cannot help.

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Yeah, it is a typo, they are BMP, not BLG.


If in fact they are '.bmp' files which are normally in extended bmp format then you need to open them with DXTBMP.exe (readily available free - Google it) and use the option - Image/Send to Editor

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Ok, thanks, I downloaded it and it worked.

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