Which addon's (aircraft?) do you always go back to?

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horrgakx First Officer

After reinstalling FS2004 from an HD crash, first thing I did was put back the UKD aircraft (the virtual airline I fly for). I've also got the Lago F16 which I LOVE to fly (though never found the GPS in it!).

I've tried a few aircraft, some are better than others, but which do you guys always go back to time & time again? Guess I'm just looking for what boils down to be the best aircraft!


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jelami First Officer

I really enjoy the Howard 500, as well as the ............uh......I think it is an ACA something something something. A little bitty thing that's fun to kick around in, and of course planes like the Cessna 182. I figure I should stick to planes that I could actually afford, well, that is if I could stop investing in this PC, quit smoking, drinking, and chasing women 😕 .
Oh my God, forget it, I guess I'll be simmin for some time. 😉

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RadarMan Chief Captain

About a month or more since I installed a new h/d and the first aircraft that I loaded were old friends.
DC-3, Super Decathlon, and the little Aeronca


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tomthetank Chief Captain

😀 Well I keep changing like the weather but there are three that I use most
1/ iFDG Airbus...anyone
2/ I quite like the Twin Otter in our d/load section
3/ No laughing out loud now Nope Secret the Piper Cub
Well you asked Ha Ha

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Fredericia01 First Officer

😀 I change around a bit too,but I allways go back to the oldies,Boeing 707 + 727,also DC6 + 7,and not to forget the DC8,I also fly the Convair CV990 a bit(super airplane). As far as turboprops,then my absolute favorite is the DHC Dash-7 Group Wave Group Wave

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leadfoot First Officer

I'm partial to the 737 myself. I like the ATR 42 a lot, 315kts or better----sweet. The 182rg is the ga plane I use the most.

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Kurt Stevens (KurtPStevens) First Officer

While I am a die-hard Legendary 727 jock, the Howard 500 is simply a joy in which to bore a hole in the sky.

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Andrenaa First Officer

I always go back to Project Open Sky because I am used to them. Occasionally I have been known to fly the default 737-400. Embarassed

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

From the FS9 default planes I always go for:-

- The 737 if I fancy something mid-haul....

- Triple 7 if I fancy Long-haul (far better handling when flying by hand than the 747)

- LearJet if I fancy something quick with nice 'Spot' views

- Mooney Bravo or King 350 if I fancy nice noisy Props

From my small collection of Add-ons, I just LOVE :-

- ATR 42 / 72

- BAe 146


Hey GPS kid, have you been to this site yet:- Punk

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

I absolutely love the Delta Virtual Airlines MD-90, 757-200, and i do occationally fly the 747. Now, a question for you guys...How many lf you that say you fly the big jets actually fly them according to procedure? I'm not picking on anyone, nor am i saying its bad to not. I go and calculate the amoutn of fuel needed. I start with how much its gonna take to get there, then i add at least a 60 minute reserve to it, as well as at elast 2,500 LB to taxi with. Thats just a part of the stuff i do. I just wondered, like do you "tinker around" with it, or do you fly it like a commercial airline pilot really would (or as best as you can with the sim)

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tomthetank Chief Captain

😀 Fire_Emblem_Master
If you do a full check before flying,you may want to have a look here for check lists ➡

Blink It can be a bit slow to load sometimes but, give it a chance

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Thanks for the DREAMWINGS DESIGN site, Guest, looks great - I've been after a Fokker for a while.

Unfortunately I have no Web access at home (only at work) so can't download at the mo, but have saved the site in faves so I can download soon.

D'you know, I've had FS9 for about 6 weeks now and there are still default planes that I haven't flown - I guess I turned my nose up at them, the Wright Flyer had me bored in 2 minutes, etc, etc ....

But last night I flew one plane that I had previously ignored; The little yellow Piper Cub.... and what a hoot !! It can take-off in about 20 metres, has really good handling and because it DOESN'T have fast straight-line speed (80mph max I think), it's a GREAT plane to practice landings in..... You can forget about Navigation or A/P but this is a great plane to take off at a small airfleid in, and to just enjoy the art of manual flight...

Also really good if you have VFR Scenary add-ons and want to check out some good details, while flying slowly.

Also becomming a big fan of the Baron 58 ....... funny because everyone recommends the Cessna's for learning but I find the Baron 58 easier to handle and easier to land.

Well finished thinking out loud so there you go !

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