Help me please, it's about the tree textures

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The tree texture of FS is divided into 16 blocks of trees, in a 4x4 matrix.
I was testing my nearly finished tree textures where I found out that for example in the seattle area, only the first row of trees is presented, i.e. only 4 different kinds of trees are loaded. (I'm not talking about bushes or cypresses (forst-type)).

Anyway, I was having another test in israel right after, and I noticed that in Israel the second row of trees is most obvious, although you can see a few trees from the second row in the texture.

Now, maybe someone here could help me find out what is the landclass for both rows? I mean, from my tests they surely have different landclass, but I have to know where is the first row usually loaded and where is the second row.

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Pilau Guest

Maybe you can point me to a developing forum for FS2004, I'm sure that would help.

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hey pilau,

landclass of trees, and buildings is set by a colour map (like an alpha for model textures) layer on the world textures. there are something like 250 different colours for 250 diff types of landclass, so maybe dark green for mountain pines and light green for some nice decidious trees. you cannot have damaged any of this with your tree creation Wink

with your new trees - do they contain an alpha layer for transparency? if they are maybe you have accidentally made the specific rows invisible unintentionally?

Pilau Guest

In order to test which trees show where I colorized each tree with a strong color (8 different colors for 8 different trees), for example: yellow, blue, green, red, orange, purple, pink... and so on, so I could tell the difference when viewing the actual scenery.

The reason I did this was I decided to have some of the spring trees colored, with natural bloom colors, to make a more spring-ish atmosphere.
But after coloring 4 different trees with purple, red, off-white and yellow tested the textures and the result was obvious: only the purple tree was presented.

So, to check what trees are viewed in that area I was testing, I tried the aforementioned colors test.
And yes, of course they contain an alpha layer.

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am i correct in thinking that you have created these new trees - but only one sort are showing up in an area where several types should show?

Pilau Guest

Not exactly. Do you mind if we talk about it on IM? Would be much more productive.

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Hey hitch, I just tested your color map theory, and I'm sorry but it's incorrect.

As mentioned, the vegetation texture sheet is divided into a 4x4 matrix, each block in the matrix is representing a single plant texture. As I speculated earlier today, each row has it's own landclass (except for the 4th row, which contains both bushes and palms, which have a tropical landclass)

I have tested this out just now and concluded this.
Thank you hitch, without your suggestion I would have never reached this conclusion 🙂

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