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on the 1st mission (A10 campaign), i take off approch the enemy. i chose my trageted warthog missiles, cycle through the tragets to select the shilka press tab and the crosshair shows that it's trageted and fire . no problem..

but then for some reason it won't let me do that again, i select a traget but it won't lock when i press tab anymore. anyone know what i'm doing wrong?

on the same mission i use all my ammo blowing up randon shit, radioed the town, came into land, taxies/parked the plane in the right place. then i just sat there for a min, and quit. My mission was to blow up 6 BNPs (looking at the mission afterward), are these mission objective riged ie i HAVE to blow them up full stop. or can i fail missions and carry on like IL-2?,

also is it possible to quit half-way through without landing again like in IL-2 if so how?


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You can't move on if on debriefing mission staus is not "seccesful". Partialy success means you have to fly it again and again and again til you knock them all up. I've only gone through it (with all the stutters, blue screens, system reboots and poor fps/memory leaks) only by modifying my loadout to carry only missiles and telling my wingie to take care of his targets and return to base.

The warthdog works like this:

1) Select ground targets ("7")
2) Select target (zoom on the HUD) , "tab" to lock if range is less than 2.5 (or if you feel like it's going to hit).
2) cycle weapons ("d") till you get your next "Mav" reticle and re press tab to lock.
3) repeat the process.

Second mission is the most frustrating tough. Clouds will make you "ride a stutter" instead of a A10, and 100 missile launchers are there to give you the welcome. have tried it flying low, high, accessing target from another direction avoiding ground fire... no way...




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