LOMAC won't start under Windows 10 and I can't find patches

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Hi.  I found a copy of LOMAC on CD. I don't even know what version it is. It seems to install without any problems from the CD, or at least the installation process finishes and there are no messages indicating any problems. But when I try to start it all I can get is the start menu. Nothing happens when I try to start the game.  Going on the assumption that it's 1.0 I am looking for patches to bring it up to 1.02 to see if that's any better. I was able to download and install the demo on this same system and it runs just fine--that is, in fact, why I sought out a copy on disc.  I have wiped it and reinstalled several times, always with the same result. I have tried "compatibility mode" with every possible combination and permutation of settings with no change. I have found patch files here and there for the game on file download sites but every single one from every source is infected with the Farfli trojan, according to my antivirus software. This includes the archived versions from dated 2014 that are supposedly direct from Ubi's old FTP site.

OS:  Windows 10 N/Ameliorated, 64 bit. Used to have a legal, registered, activated installation of Vista on it, then upgraded to 7 several years back. Tried to upgrade to 10 last year but it bluescreened and died during the upgrade process and I had to wipe everything and start over. Couldn't get 10 to activate, so I had to use Ameliorated.  i7-2600, 16GB DDR3, RX590/8GB, last available Adrenalin drivers from AMD.

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