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i have a quick question:
is there any way to use more than one active runway per airport? in fs2002, every airport can just use one active runway and i would like to know if there is some sort of addon or patch that could fix this problem. it would be much more realistic.
thanks in advance!

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Umm... I don't think you can,this is where fs9 scores over fs8

Idea If the airport has two runways, do both have ILS?If not you could use Afcad(make sure its the one for fs😎and add ILS to the other runway

As I said Im not sure,but its worth a try

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i don't know if both runways have ILS.
for example, frankfurt airport (in germany) has two runways which have the same length and surface and are ils. whenever i land or take off there i always have to use the same every time for every flight. you could say that the other runways of an airport are not used at all. it is always one runway for every plane (even the traffic simulated by fs2002 just use this one runway) other examples are heathrow and charles de gaulle. charles de gaulle has like four runways but every plane that lands or takes off has to use than one runway. this is not a bad thing, but i just think it is not that realistic and i have to wait so long untli i can land or take off because there are so many planes approaching or waiting for take off.

roboslowo Guest

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