B757: EICAS and ECAM????


what is the purpose of ECAM? I would also like to know the operation of EICAS and ECAM? Does anyone know how does these systems works?

there are too little info for ECAM... does anyone know any website which i could look up on?

thanx alot..

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ECAM is an Electric Centralised Aircraft Monitor which contains secondary information such as engine/warning displays on the upper screen and the aircraft systems display on the lower screen. Things like N1, N2, EGT and FF are all included in this.

EICAS (Engine Indication and Crew Alerting System) is similar to the ECAM in that it provides engine data, but does not necessarily always display - but in the event of a malfunction occurring, the flight crew's attention will be drawn to the screen with a colour reflecting the degree or severity i.e. red being severe.

The difference between the 2 is minimal, but suffice to say that, the ECAM is more schematic and will display the standard format or engine data everytime, whereas the EICAS has the potential to show you something that wouldn't normally be shown in standard flight. The difference is not as much in their function but in who uses them and in what aircraft. ECAM was introduced by Airbus in their aircraft, with Boeing introducing EICAS in their 757/767s. Nowadays, both companies often use both.

I hope that helps a bit 😉

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Here's a link to go with 99jolegg's very good explanation. 👍


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