757 Engine Start Sequence

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Hey Peeps,

I was just wondering what the correct start sequence is for the B757? Its just that I have just purchased the PSS 757 and having a few probs. I have checked the manuals, but no joy.......I shall explain what I am doing.

1. Set the fuel cut-offs to run on the pedestal
2. Set the engine starter to the GND position on the Overhead
3. Select the engine start switch to 1 (for example) and nothing happens.

I have made sure that I have the APU running when trying this

I can even use the Flight Sim method of automatically starting the engines using a key assignment, but still no luck.

If anyone can help I would be greatful.


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Was your Isolation Valve open?

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Here is a link to a B-757 checklist.

I don't have your program but let me throw out some general points that may help. Make sure you're getting air from the APU, that's what starts the Jet engines. Also, as you hit the start button, you should see ignition lights, somewhere. As N2 spins up to about 20%, you need to advance the thrust lever to ground idle. 🙂

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Thanks for the quick reply peeps. I will give it a go now and see what happens. I will try and provide screenies if I still have no luck


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Brilliant advise peeps, many thanks. A+ Advise

All sorted. Ended up that I was being a noob :p

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Glad to here it. 👍

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