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Hi there everyone! I am new to this kind of thing, and I only thought of this when I tried to down load a new concorde.

First of all: THIS IS TRULY A GREAT SITE. Anybody with an interest to Flight Simulator should know this site.

Let me state my case: I am from South Africa and I am dialing up with a 56k modem. I know that that should be sufficient, but land-lines here aren't as good as say America. I only want to know if it would be possible to maybe add a link besides a button for downloads, so that I could download planes etc. and resume them later. I can only do that if I use some kind of Download Manager. I am using EasyDownload, by the way! (Great program!) I know that this might couse some problems so use it, don't use it: it is up to you. I only know that whithout such a fasility I will never be able to Download anything, as my connections (acctually from your side) keep on failing. I don't disconnect, but I keep getting this "Server failure" message. If I could simply resume my download, that would not be a problem. The Download Manager cannot handle Java Buttons.

I would apreciate any thought into this.

Thank you
😀 Schmidi

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