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pvp Guest

Ok, I have a very strange Problem with cfs3... My game is not running to slow, but instead its running too fast... I didn't had this Problem from the beginning, but suddendly the game changed to some kind of quick motion status, making it impossible to fly any missions, cause everything is just going incredible fast...

Anyone got an Idea what the problem could be??

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I don't have that game but try re-calibrating the throttle of your joystick.


pvp Guest

Is not helping... I tried everything, reinstallation, patch... nothig changes...

and for those who don't believe me, it's realy a bug, I'm not just a slow person... (with this quick motion problem I can make a 360 degree cyrcel with a heavy bomber within 1 Second, believe me now?)

Noone had this problem before?

pvp Guest

Noone here who can help?

Piers C Guest


I recently got hold of an AMD FX 57 system, 1Gb RAM, and two GeForce 7800GTX cards yoked together on an SLI motherboard.

When I first installed CSF3 with deault settings, it seemed to run at a familiar rate.

However, I then impleented the tweaks decsribed in:

Since then, it appears to be running faster than I am familiar with - but not quite as if time has speeded up.

I am wondering if one if the tweaks somehow disocciates the program from real-time

What system are you running CSF3 on, and have you implementted any of these tweaks?


simon.blakely Guest

I have this problem too on my new AMD64 laptop.

I think it is down to CPU speed reporting - VMWare on my laptop always reports a mismatch between reported CPU speed and actual CPU speed (due to power management CPU control)

If the app thinks that the CPU is running slower than it really is, you get this insane game that is totally uncontrollable.

I have not found a fix yet - will probably need to disable CPU clock control somehow.


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