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Hi... I have downloaded the SID/STAR for KLAX and KLAS aircraft and installed them with no problem from the Navigraph site. These two files are freeware. However, when I run a flight from KLAX to KLAS using the SID for KLAX and the STAR for KLAS and the PMDG 747, I get the following error code.... Pure Virtual Function Call, after the aircraft has flown for about 10 minutes, and the system gets hung up and has to be restarted. I can prove it is this download that is causing the problem as I have a cloned drive that has everything on it except these two files and the system runs perfectly well. Does anyone have any idea what could be the problem or has anyone run into this before. I don't believe it is a virus but some other type of error. I have a very fast video card with 1G of ram on board with 4G of system memory.


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No idea, but if you're 100% sure it's their files as you said, you should try emailing them if they have a contact address.

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